Raymond Soulard, Jr.

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10-06-20071Our beloved and mystically prolific Raymond Soulard, Jr. not only graces Outloud at The Beebe with his frequent, humble presence and poetic performances, but he also publishes the written works of several of our amazing poets, writers and performers in his serial literary publication ‘The Cenacle’. As the founder of Scriptor Press New England, Raymond’s decades-long catalog of rich, unique and eclectic volumes of the independently, hand-crafted editions of ‘The Cenacle’ beautifully curate some of this area’s most important new work in poetry, fiction, non-fiction, photography and fine art.

His own wonderful and sometimes disturbing epic poetry seems to explore the universal, mythic subconscious through the filter of lucid, psychedelic self-reflection that bravely traverses the soft membrane of the human soul with a rare sense of raw honesty.

Raymond’s passages are lyrical, timeless and at times simultaneously shocking and utterly vulnerable to the core of his verbal expression.

The live delivery of his work ā€” and his generous encouragement and support of the arts through Scriptor through his poetric life ā€” always add a profound, philosophical depth to many of our evenings of live readings and performance at Outloud Open Mike.

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