lou suSi

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lou suSi often appears at Outloud Open Mike with Deb Mascara as ‘Group of 9‘ … poetry, prose, performance and cover the 4 P’s according to Deb and lou. Deb and lou also collaborate with Marco D’Amico as Beware the Haberdash … and with Lee Todd Lacks, Ethan Mackler, rosS Hamlin and others as Radio Pü.

lou also puts the Outloud site together and plans to make the site more and more interactive and informative over time. Check back often.

He’s also known to put together websites of a creative nature from time to time. A good example — go check out BijaXOuS suPpleMeNte — there’s a lot of cool stuff up there, although we probably can’t pronounce or easily spell the name of this little oNLiNe eZiNe. International nonsense is hard work, right? ;]

lou currently lives with his wife Carol and their beautiful family … Amanda, Jacki, Brittany, Maceo and their grandchildren Gabriel and Keira … tucked away in the thin woods of Boxford.

Visit lou’s personal website for more info …

Check out lou’s ‘17 poeMs‘ and ‘collected poetics‘ up on Lulu.com. Check out his DMI MFA Thesis on humor and laughter and the area’s in-between up on Blurb here ‘confounded: future fetish design performance for human advocacy‘.

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